History of the Sandwich

History of the Sandwich

6th to 16th Century – During the Middle Ages, thick blocks of coarse stale bread called trenchers were used in place of plates. Meats and other foods were piled on top of the bread to be eaten with their fingers and sometimes with the aid of knives. The trenchers, thick and stale, absorbed the juice, the grease, and the sauces. At the end of the meal, one either ate the trencher or, if hunger had been satisfied, tossed the gravy-soaked bread to their dogs or given as alms to less fortunate or poor human. Alms were clothing, food, or money that is given to poor people: In the past, people thought it was their religious duty to give alms to the poor. Trenchers were clearly the forerunner of our open-face sandwiches. sandwiches.

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  • 7 Good Reasons To Drink Coffee
  • History of the Sandwich
  • Avoid Cross Contamination
  • Benefits of a Community Social Profile

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  • “Whoopie!” – get yours lately!!
  • Water FAQS
  • Nails as a Health Indicator
  • Online Store Coupons vs. Newspaper Flyers

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